Soft Sponge Set Dosa Recipe

A Taste of Tradition

Trace Set Dosa's journey from Bangalore to Goa, highlighting its widespread popularity

Simple Ingredients, Incredible Taste

1. Rice 2. Lentils (urad dal) 3. Special addition of flattened rice (poha)

Her career started as a childhood singer.

Making the Batter

Master the soaking, grinding, and fermenting process for Set Dosa's light and spongy texture

Cooking Methods

Discover two cooking methods for Set Dosa: cast iron tawa for tradition, non-stick skillet for ease

Serving Suggestion

1. Classic coconut chutney 2. Flavorful vegetable sagu 3. Rich and hearty sambar

Green Star

Discover Set Dosa variations like Benne Dosa and customize for a unique twist

Set Dosa: Perfect for tiffin or picnics, stays soft for hours.

1. Ideal batter consistency is key. 2. Preheat pan evenly for best results.

Tips and Tricks

Enjoy the journey of making and savoring Set Dosa.