Bollywood celebrities enticing fans as being demi Gods is no new matter. But with star kids

suddenly seeing an upsurge in popularity courtesy a slew of debutantes sprouting every other day

the shift in interest from the bigwigs to these rising phenomenons have been quite a radical one.

One among the star kids is Aryan Khan, the son of one of the greatest Bollywood star Shah

Rukh Khan and his producer wife Gauri Khan. Aryan is yet to grace the Bollywood 

silver screen unlike many of the other privileged kids of tinsel town

But an impending debut has only sought to up the hype surrounding the Junior SRK.

As being the son of the Bollywood Badshah, Aryan has been in the limelight from quite an 

early age. Even then, there are some facts about this all grown up star kid that remains relatively less known