Sony Drone Camera Price in India 2024

Sony Drone Camera Price in India 2024

For those contemplating the investment in a Sony drone camera in India for 2024, the initial price might raise eyebrows. However, the remarkable features and cutting-edge technology it offers could easily justify the cost 34,999.  Sony Drone Camera Price in India 2024 Sony’s renowned reputation for innovation and quality in the camera industry extends seamlessly into their drone technology. While the Sony drone camera price in India for 2024 may appear steep, its unparalleled performance and capabilities set it apart from competitors, making it a compelling option for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Pricing for Sony Drone Camera Models 2024

Drone Model Price (INR)
SARGE Drone with 4K Camera ₹1,799
NAVRANGI GPS Drone with 4K Camera ₹14,980
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone ₹35,999
DriftingMOON RC Drone with 1080P/4K HD Camera ₹22,500
  1. SARGE Drone with 4K Camera (DQ5)

    • Price: ₹1,799
    • This budget-friendly option is perfect for beginners and hobbyists.
    • Features include WiFi FPV, 1080P HD camera, altitude hold, and headless mode.
    • Compact and foldable design for easy transportation.
  2. NAVRANGI GPS Drone with 4K Camera

    • Price: ₹14,980
    • Ideal for aerial photography enthusiasts and professionals.
    • Comes with advanced features like auto return, follow me, gesture control, and waypoints.
    • Compatible with VR glasses for an immersive flying experience.
  3. IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone

    • Price: ₹35,999
    • A premium option with high-resolution 4K camera and 3-axis stabilized gimbal.
    • Long flight time of up to 31 minutes and advanced flight modes for creative aerial shots.
    • GPS and return-to-home feature for added safety and convenience.
  4. DriftingMOON RC Drone with HD Camera

    • Price: ₹22,500
    • Offers both 1080P and 4K HD camera options for crisp aerial footage.
    • Features include WiFi FPV, GPS, altitude hold, and auto obstacle avoidance.
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying, with precise controls for stable flight.

Key Takeaways 

As we explore the landscape of Sony drone camera prices in India for 2024, it’s essential to highlight key insights that can guide your decision-making process:

  1. Competitive Pricing with Advanced Features:

    • Sony continues to offer competitive pricing for its drone cameras, ensuring accessibility without compromising on advanced features and functionalities. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, Sony provides options that cater to various budgets while maintaining high-quality standards.
  2. Tailored for Professional Use:

    • Sony’s drone camera lineup remains tailored for professionals in the field of aerial photography and videography. With features like high-resolution imaging, robust signal strength, and compatibility with professional-grade cameras, Sony drones are designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals seeking top-tier equipment.
  3. Innovative Technology and Performance:

    • Sony’s commitment to innovation and performance is evident in its drone camera offerings. With advancements in power output, wind resistance, and flight stability technology, Sony drones ensure reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Professionals can trust Sony drones to deliver exceptional results consistently.
  4. Value for Investment:

    • While the initial cost of Sony drone cameras may seem significant, the value they provide justifies the investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With unparalleled capabilities, reliable performance, and compatibility with industry-standard equipment, Sony drones offer long-term value for those looking to elevate their aerial imaging projects.
  5. Continued Focus on Quality and Reliability:

    • Sony maintains its reputation for quality and reliability in the drone camera market. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and refinement to ensure it meets the high standards expected from Sony. Professionals can rely on Sony drones to deliver consistent performance and exceptional results in every flight.
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Buying Guide

When considering purchasing a Sony drone camera in India for 2024, it’s essential to have a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. Here’s a detailed overview to assist you in navigating through the options available:

  1. Define Your Purpose:

    • Before diving into the world of Sony drone cameras, determine your purpose for buying one. Are you a professional photographer or filmmaker looking to capture stunning aerial shots? Or are you an enthusiast seeking a drone for recreational flying and exploration? Understanding your purpose will help narrow down your options and choose the right model.
  2. Consider Your Budget:

    • Sony offers a range of drone cameras with varying price points. Determine your budget upfront to ensure you explore options that align with your financial constraints. Remember to consider not only the upfront cost of the drone but also any additional accessories or maintenance expenses that may arise.
  3. Evaluate Features and Specifications:

    • Sony drone cameras come with a plethora of features and specifications designed to meet different needs and preferences. Evaluate factors such as camera resolution, flight time, maximum wind resistance, signal strength, and compatibility with additional accessories or cameras. Prioritize features that are essential for your intended use case.
  4. Research Model Options:

    • Sony offers multiple drone camera models, each with its unique set of features and capabilities. Research each model thoroughly to understand its strengths, limitations, and suitability for your requirements. Compare specifications, read reviews from other users, and watch demo videos to get a comprehensive overview of each model.
  5. Check Compatibility and Connectivity:

    • Ensure that the Sony drone camera you choose is compatible with your existing equipment, such as cameras or mobile devices. Additionally, consider the connectivity options available, such as WiFi or GPS, and assess their reliability and range for seamless operation.
  6. Assess Flight Performance and Stability:

    • Flight performance and stability are crucial factors to consider when selecting a Sony drone camera. Look for features like obstacle avoidance, intelligent flight modes, and precise control mechanisms that enhance flight stability and ensure smooth aerial maneuvers. Assess the drone’s ability to withstand various weather conditions and environmental factors.
  7. Review Warranty and Support:

    • Before making a purchase, review the warranty terms and after-sales support offered by Sony. Ensure that you have access to reliable customer service and technical assistance in case you encounter any issues with your drone camera post-purchase. A comprehensive warranty can provide added peace of mind and protection for your investment.
  8. Seek Recommendations and Expert Advice:

    • Don’t hesitate to seek recommendations from professionals or experts in the field of aerial photography and videography. They can offer valuable insights based on their experiences with Sony drone cameras and help you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Is the Price of Sony Drone?
    • The price of Sony drones varies depending on the model and its features. The Sony Airpeak S1 Professional Drone, for example, is priced at ₹2,93,780.
  • What Is the New Sony Camera for Drones?
    • The new Sony drone camera, Airpeak S1, is compatible with full-frame Alpha series cameras and offers high-quality imaging capabilities, advanced obstacle avoidance, and various flight modes.
  • Does Sony Make Drones?
    • Yes, Sony manufactures drones with advanced features such as stereo cameras and obstacle avoidance sensors, catering to the needs of professionals in various industries.
  • What Is the Price of W8 Drone?
    • The price of the W8 drone may vary depending on its features and specifications. It’s essential to explore its capabilities and camera specs to determine its price point accurately.


In conclusion, Sony drone cameras in India offer a range of options tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts. With competitive pricing, advanced features, and exceptional performance, Sony continues to set a high standard in the drone camera market, providing reliable solutions for aerial imaging projects.

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