What Is MNREGA Scheme And What Are Its Benefits, Complete Information

MNREGAMahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA)  India is a very large country in terms of population and most of its population still lives in villages. Earlier, this population used to earn their living from agricultural works, but due to increasing population, limited land and less water, agriculture has started decreasing, due to which the crisis of livelihood has started hovering over these people.

With the objective of giving employment to crores of Indian people sitting at home and preventing their migration to the cities, the Central Government of India had started a scheme known as NREGA, MNREGA, Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme , which is the world’s largest scheme. There are schemes and providing employment to about 70% of India’s population.

What are MNREGA schemes / What is NREGA Scheme?

Manrega yojana is an employment guarantee scheme of India, which has the status of the world’s largest employment scheme. This scheme has been run by the central government, whose main objective is to become self-sufficient by making rural development available to the people around them by stopping rural migration.

The MNREGA scheme has been implemented by passing the legislation, under which at least 100 days of employment is provided to every adult member of the rural household in every financial year and this scheme was implemented simultaneously in the whole country. under manrega nic com one third part is reserved for women.

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What is the objective of NREGA scheme / MGNREGA Yojna: Objective

As we all know that India is an agricultural country and most of the population here is dependent on agricultural work, but in modern times, agricultural work has been destroyed, due to which people have started migrating to the cities, due to which there is pressure of population in the cities. Have started changing. NREGA Job Card has been started for the purpose of stopping this migration of rural people   and people are provided employment near their place of residence.

Under manrega nic com, poor people living in rural areas have to be provided guaranteed non-skilled employment for at least 100 days in a year on fixed remuneration (Rs. 220 per day), so that rural families can sustain themselves.

 NREGA Job Card List 2020 has been started with the objective of providing employment to the economically weaker people, so that the economic development of the poor and institutions like Panchayati Raj can be developed and strengthened.

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What are the goals of the NREGA scheme

MGNREGA aims to provide social security for the most vulnerable people living in rural India by guaranteeing opportunities for wage employment. manrega nic com aims to rejuvenate the natural resource base of rural areas.

When and where was the MNREGA scheme started? When would the NREGA scheme be launched?

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA / MNREGA) was passed in both houses of Parliament on 7 September 2005 and on 2 February 2006, the then Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh launched the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) from Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh . Was started with the name. First of all, this scheme was started in 200 districts of the country, but on April 1, 2008, this scheme was expanded and implemented in the whole country.

What is the full name of MNREGA / What is Full name MGNAREGA

Initially, this scheme was known as NREGA National Rural Employment Guarantee Act , but on 2 October 2009, Mahatma Gandhi’s name was added to its name and after that the scheme was called Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act . MNREGA / MNREGA) came to be called. Today, this scheme is continuously providing employment to crores of people in the whole country through new reforms.

What is the annual budget of MNREGA scheme

NREGA scheme is a very big scheme and crores of people are also getting its benefits. If we talk about the annual budget of this scheme, then in 2019-2020, a budget of Rs 71001.81 crore was kept for this scheme, but in the budget of 2020-21 A provision of Rs 61,500 crore has been made for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA).

If we talk about the initial budget of this scheme, then 1.91 lakh crore rupees were spent for NREGA in 2008-2014, which was increased to 2.95 lakh crore rupees in the upcoming budget from 2014 to 2020.

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What is the specialty of MNREGA

This scheme has been started in all the villages of all the districts of all the states of India.

Every rural household has   the right to register under NREGA Job Card List 2020

Employment is provided by sanctioning a work under a “shelf of works” identified and prioritized by the village community within 15 days from the date of receipt of application for providing employment under MGNREGA.

 Under NREGA Job Card List 2020 , work is given within a radius of 5 kilometers from the residence and if the work is more than 5 kilometers away, then 10% of the wages are given separately.

If the state government is unable to provide work to the laborers under MNREGA, then the government gives 25% of the minimum wages of 30 days to such laborers as unemployment allowance.

 Under NREGA Job Card List 2020 , equal pay is given to men and women.

There is no permission of machine and contractor in the works going on under NREGA.

This is the world’s largest employment scheme in which Rs 3.14 lakh crore was spent in its first 10 years.

 NREGA Job Card List 2020 has reduced the poverty level in India by a huge amount. Hence, it is called a wonderful example of rural development by the World Development Report.

Under this scheme, one-third of the share has been reserved for women, which has helped many women in rural areas to earn a livelihood as well as gain social security.

Under the MGNarega scheme, 100 days of employment are given to people aged 18-50 in rural areas in a year, which has reduced unemployment.

 NREGA Job Card List 2020 provides basic facilities like clean drinking water and medical facility and first aid to all the workers.

It has helped in the upliftment of Scheduled Castes (Scheduled Castes) and Scheduled Tribes (Scheduled Tribes).

Under Section 3 of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, the minimum wages fixed by the State Government (eight hours work) will be given. 

What are the benefits of MNREGA scheme

As we all know that all the public welfare schemes of the central government are started keeping the poor and needy in mind, similarly Maha NREGA scheme has also proved to be Kamdhenu for the poor.   The benefits of this NREGA Job Card List 2020 There are benefits Here we will know some special benefits of Na Rega.

  • This is a guaranteed employment scheme, in which it is mandatory to provide 100 days of work, if work is not available then unemployment allowance is given by the government.
  • The scheme provides statutory guarantees for wage employment.
  • It is a demand-driven program, where the demand for work is initiated by the demand for work by wage-seekers.
  • The Act incentivises the states to provide employment, as 100 per cent of the unskilled labor cost and 75 per cent of the material cost of the program are borne by the Centre.
  • Gram Panchayats (GPs) are to implement at least 50 per cent of the works in terms of cost.
  • Under this scheme, both skilled and unskilled laborers are given work.
  • The payment of salary is directly deposited in the account of the laborers by the government.
  • It is very easy to apply for work under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme.
  • A NREGA job card is made by the government, whose benefits can be taken in other schemes of the government like financial assistance at the time of daughter’s marriage etc.

What are the eligibility of NREGA scheme @ wwwmanrega

As we all know that this is a scheme of rural development and in this only local residents are given employment. But still some eligibility has been kept for it which are very easy.

  • To apply for NREGA scheme, first of all it is necessary to have citizenship of India.
  • The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years.
  • To apply under NREGA, it is necessary to be a local resident and for this it is necessary to have a ration card or voter ID card.
  • It is mandatory to inform your Gram Panchayat office before applying.
  • It is very important to have an account with any bank applying for MNREGA because the salary received is deposited online in the bank account.
  • This scheme is only for rural areas and no urban citizen can apply for it.

What are the required documents for NREGA scheme

Although there is no special need for documents for NREGA scheme, but still we are giving information about some important documents before applying for it.

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • voter ID card
  • Photo copy of bank passbook
  • 2 photographs of latest passport size

How to apply for NREGA scheme / online / offline

If you are a local resident and you   want to work under the MNREGA job scheme , then you can easily apply for it. First of all, get a photo copy of your documents and keep it and   can apply by meeting the sarpanch of your own panchayat or maid in MNREGA job scheme .

By the way, nowadays the names of the needy people are being added by the panchayat itself and mahatma gandhi manrega job cards are issued to them and for this camps are also organized by the panchayat, in which the details of the work done by them are given. If still someone is left, then you can get your NREGA job card by meeting the sarpanch or village development officer and adding your name to the MNREGA list.

What is the website of NREGA scheme / What is Manrega Website

Friends, MNREGA job scheme was launched offline in the initial phase, in   which salary was also paid in cash, in which there was a lot of corruption, but now it is not so because now the NREGA employment card list  has been made completely online and one of its There is an official website which is named https://nrega.nic.in/ .

Mgnrega job card online list, Manrega list can be seen by visiting this website, apart from this, the rules and regulations of this scheme can also be seen online.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme is such a scheme under which even unskilled laborers can work and work is done without any machinery and technology. It is clearly written in the guideline of NREGA that no machinery will be used to work under this scheme. Here we will know that in Mahatma gandhi manrega there are works from such an angle which are done without machinery.

  • Famine relief works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme
  • water conservation and water harvesting
  • Drought proof micro and small irrigation canal work
  • building construction work
  • Raw road construction work under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme
  • pond digging work
  • Field work related to making mad
  • tree plantation work
  •  Flood control work under MNREGA job scheme
  • Work related to restoration and tree plantation of water conservation/accumulation structures located on public land under MNREGA
  • Regarding construction of Dhobi Ghat under mahatma gandhi manrega.
  • Guidelines regarding construction of wells under MNREGA.
  • Regarding the construction of Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra under manrega scheme.

Apart from these, there are many such small tasks which do not require skill and can be easily done without the help of any machine.

How much wages are available under MNREGA scheme

Friends, the government has fixed the wages given under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme, under which it was Rs 192 per working day in the financial year 2018-19, which has been increased to Rs 199 recently. But if needed, the state government can increase the wages by giving relief packages to its citizens. Recently, in view of the Corona epidemic, many state governments have increased the wages of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme workers by announcing a separate relief package, which is as follows.

  • Uttar Pradesh – 175
  • Uttarakhand – 175
  •  Telangana – 205
  • Tamil Nadu – 224
  • Tripura – 177
  • Madhya Pradesh – 174
  • West Bengal – 191
  • Sikkim – 177
  • Rajasthan – 192
  • Punjab – 240
  • Odisha – 182
  • Maharashtra – 203
  • Karnataka – 249
  • Kerala – 271
  • Jharkhand – 168
  • Jammu and Kashmir – 186
  • Himachal Pradesh – 230
  • Haryana – 281
  • Gujarat – 194
  • Goa – 254
  • Chhattisgarh – 174
  • Bihar – 168
  • Assam – 189
  • Arunachal Pradesh – 177
  • Andhra Pradesh – 205
  • Manipur – 209
  • Meghalaya – 181
  • Nagaland – 177

NREGA Job Card What is NREGA Job Card?

Under the Act, a card is issued to the laborers working in mahatma gandhi manrega, in which the details of the work done by the laborer are given, we call it NREGA job card. It is mandatory for laborers working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) 2005 to make a job card and it is made free of cost. Apart from this, there are complete details of the laborer working in the Narega Job Card and it is also his identity card in a way.

If some incident happens on the spot, then the laborer is identified through this card only. If you do not have narega Job Card then you cannot work under NREGA.

How to make NREGA job card (NAREGA JOB CARD)

To apply for MNREGA job card, the first application can be made by presenting orally in the Panchayat office.

Carry the necessary documents along with you for applying.

Gram Panchayat issues employment card to each registered household. It is an important legal document, which helps ensure transparency and safeguard against fraud.

Job card will come to you within 15 days of applying and if it does not come then it can be found in the panchayat office.

The NREGA job card list  provides information related to the tenure of work obtained by the individual.

MNREGA job card is provided free of cost by the panchayat, it is a part of the scheme.

The job card can be downloaded online from the official website of manrega.

How to view / download NREGA job card list online  ?

Friends, there are many of us who do not have NREGA Job Card List 2020 or have lost it, then there is no need to panic because now NREGA Job Card can be downloaded online, that too from your mobile, so let’s know

First of all, go to its manrega website which is https://nrega.nic.in/ in your mobile or computer, from which the home page of this website will open.

On the home page, you will see a list of all the states, where you have to click on your state, as soon as you click on the state, a list will open in front of you, which are of all the states, if you have your Panchayat’s Narega Job Card list 2019 then you have to select the district from the side

As soon as you click on your district, the narega job card list of Puri Gram Panchayat coming in your district will appear in front of you, from here you can select your Gram Panchayat and click as soon as you click on your Gram Panchayat then a new window will open in front of you

manrega job card list

Here you have to click on Job card/Employment Register below the register to see the job card list of your panchayat. Clicking here will show you the list of all the job cards available in that panchayat.

MNREGA job card list 2020

What is the work of mate in NREGA

Friends, in Mahatma Gandhi Manrega, the only link between the workers and the panchayat is the mate, it is a kind of supervisor who gives directions to the workers, arranges work for them and checks and verifies the work done by the workers. And fulfills the job card of the laborers.

Apart from this, many tasks of Mate like health checkup of laborers and necessary facilities for them are fulfilled.

  • The work site diary, mate measurement form and the complete account of the work site file remain with the Jhoka Mate only.
  • The MET itself manages the work sites of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme.
  • Under mahatma gandhi manrega, the determination of work place board and measurement board is done by mate only.
  • Formation of groups, allocation and measurement of work at work place.
  • Entry and maintenance of muster rolls.
  • Entry of work in the job card is done by the mate.
  • Quality of material and entry in stock register.
  • Maintenance of inspection, complaint and suggestion register.
  • measurement of tasks.
  • Mate only ensures the arrangement for payment of wages.

What is the e-muster roll of NREGA and how to see it

We call NREGA muster roll a form of work approved by the government or by the Panchayat for NREGA laborers, on which the details of the work, the requirement of the laborers and the days of work are mentioned.

If the Panchayat gets any work done through NREGA workers, then for this they take approval of the work from the government, which has to be taken only through Muster roll. If the government or panchayat approves any work for mahatma gandhi manrega, then it accepts only through e-muster roll.

what is muscle

In earlier times, the muster roll was sent to the panchayat offline, but now it is not like that, now the government has made all the work related to NREGA online , which can be easily seen by visiting its website manrega nic in com

What needs to be done to become a mate in NREGA?

To become a mate in mahanerega one has to apply in the panchayat. In the initial times, the selection of the mate was done by one of the village or laborers, but in view of the increasing corruption and irregularity, some changes have been made, under which the mate is now selected by the Program Officer, whose In each revenue village there will be four Mates consisting of two females and two males. For this advertisement is issued and eligible candidates are selected.

How much ration will the job card holders get in the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme? mgnrega job card

NREGA job card holders are given 5 kg ration per member, which is specially given by the government, for this there is no eligibility for ration card, only you need to have job card.

What is the maximum number of days work can be done in MNREGA?

Under NREGA, the rule of the government has been made, under which it is necessary to provide employment for 100 days in a year to the applicant and if this does not happen then unemployment allowance is given by the government.

What is the meaning of NREGA? full form of mgnrega

NREGA means National Employment Guarantee, in which every laborer is guaranteed 100 days of employment. By the way, NREGA has many meanings such as Mahanrega, NREGA, Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme, MNREGA, Mother NREGA, MNREGA scheme, mahatma gandhi manrega, manrega yojna, MgNarega