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Jameson Price In Manipur

Nestled in the bustling streets of Manipur, amidst its vibrant culture and rich heritage, lies a haven for whiskey enthusiasts. Jameson Price In Manipur, with its diverse population and bustling cities, offers a thriving market for premium spirits, including the beloved Jameson Irish Whiskey. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current prices of Jameson variants available in Manipur, providing you with valuable insights to elevate your whiskey experience.

Jameson Irish Whiskey stands as a symbol of craftsmanship, tradition, and exceptional taste. Crafted with care and precision, Jameson has garnered a loyal following worldwide, captivating the hearts of whiskey aficionados for generations. With its smooth, distinctive flavor and rich heritage, Jameson has earned its place as a staple in bars, homes, and gatherings alike.

Jameson Whiskey Variants and Prices in Manipur

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the Jameson whiskey variants along with their respective prices in Manipur  for the year 2024:

Brand Volume Price (INR)
Jameson Irish Whisky 750ml ₹2,400
Jameson Irish Whisky Caskmates 750ml ₹3,100
Jameson Black Barrel 750ml ₹4,500

Manipur whiskey connoisseurs have access to a variety of Jameson expressions, each offering a distinct flavor profile and drinking experience. Let’s explore these offerings in detail:

Jameson Irish Whisky (750ml): Priced at ₹2,400, the classic Jameson Irish Whisky is a timeless choice appreciated for its smooth, well-balanced blend. Whether you’re a novice exploring the world of whiskey or a seasoned enthusiast, this variant promises a delightful drinking experience suitable for any occasion.

Jameson Irish Whisky Caskmates (750ml): With a price tag of ₹4,100, the Jameson Irish Whisky Caskmates presents an innovative twist to traditional whiskey. This variant undergoes a unique finishing process in beer-seasoned barrels, resulting in distinct flavor notes influenced by stout or IPA beer. Perfect for those seeking a bold and adventurous whiskey experience.

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Jameson Black Barrel (750ml): Priced at ₹5,500, the Jameson Black Barrel stands out as a premium offering for whiskey aficionados. Aged in double-charred barrels, this variant boasts a rich and intensified flavor profile with enhanced sweetness and complexity. Indulge in the luxurious taste of Jameson Black Barrel for a truly memorable drinking experience.

Why Choose Jameson?

Jameson Irish Whiskey embodies more than just exceptional taste; it represents a legacy of craftsmanship and tradition. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail, Jameson offers versatility that appeals to both seasoned bartenders and home enthusiasts. Its smoothness makes it an ideal choice for those embarking on their whiskey journey, providing a gentle introduction to the world of spirits.

Making Your Purchase

When purchasing Jameson in Manipur, it’s essential to select reputable liquor stores or authorized online platforms to ensure authenticity and fair pricing. Keep an eye out for any special promotions or discounts to make the most of your purchase. Here are some top recommendations for acquiring Jameson whiskey in Manipur:

  • Liquor World: Renowned for its extensive collection of premium spirits, Liquor World is a go-to destination for whiskey enthusiasts seeking quality and variety.
  • Vintage Spirits: Offering a curated selection of international whiskies, Vintage Spirits prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and product authenticity.
  • Mumbai Duty-Free: For travelers passing through Manipur, Duty-Free provides an opportunity to purchase Jameson whiskey at duty-free prices, making it a convenient option for international visitors.


In , Jameson Irish Whiskey continues to captivate whiskey lovers across Manipur  with its unrivaled quality and diverse range of expressions. Whether you prefer the classic Jameson Irish Whisky, the innovative Caskmates edition, or the luxurious Black Barrel, there’s a Jameson variant to suit every palate and occasion. As you embark on your whiskey journey, remember to savor each sip responsibly and embrace the rich heritage encapsulated within every bottle of Jameson. Cheers to discovering your perfect Jameson experience in Manipur!

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